Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I learned visiting a neighbouring fencing club

Our Cyclops fencing club had an outing last night: We went to visit our neighbours in Comox. We have not been there for over 2 years. All in all it was fun. Here are some things I learned:

1) Pushing yourself is good even if you are an old cripple. It would have been easy to stay at home and watch another episode of Criminal Minds. It did not hurt nearly as much as I thought it would.
2) Aerobic capacity is greatly affected by the state of mind. I was gassed during the first few fights purely because I was hyped up going into them. Once I relaxed it was not nearly as bad.
3) A 60-year old woman can dish out beating to young bucks.
4) A 59-year old man will lose 5-0 to the same bucks if he fences them the same way he would fence a 60-year old woman.
5) A good strategy may compensate for poor technique and lead to victory (see *3*)
6) A crappy strategy with so-so technique will lead to defeat (see *4*). Also there is such thing as too much relaxation.
7) Some clubs do not teach offense. A determined attack in such places often pays off. Even if the attack is horrible (see *3*)
8) Tall people have long arms. Epee at the end of a long arm reaches farther than one at the end of a short arm.
9) Hitting arms is harder than one would like it to be. So is moving blades out of the way.
10) If you have any doubs that your epee needs re-wiring there is no doubt. Re-wire and quit bitching about lost touches.
11) You can improve your fencing even if your circumstances make it very difficult. You have to want to learn by any means necessary. Our club is a living proof.
12) A decent coach would not hurt, though. Coaching is much easier if you see your student as an observer than as an opponent.

Alll things considered we did not do badly (some did better than others - see *3* - again!) Let's hope we can do even better next time.

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  1. And after all that I was amazed how well I felt the next day, which leads me to believe that beating young bucks is beneficial to my health!
    Signed by a 60 year old fencer.