Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Visiting the neighbouring fencing club - Part 2

I went to see our neighbours again, this time on my own. My wife was absent due to some strange notion that seeing her children once a year is more important than fencing. Here are some more lessons learned:

1) Walking is no substitute for anaerobic interval training.
2) Fencing, even a 60-year old woman, on a regular basis is better than not fencing at all (You will come back if you loooove me...)
3) Just because you beat someone one way on a certain day does not mean that you will do it that way next time. Do not be a one-trick pony!
4) At 59, fencing smarter beats fencing harder
5) Once you know you can win a fight do not concentrate on winning. Practice difficult moves even if you lose 5:0.
6) If you do lose 5:0 make sure you practiced the right moves correctly (this one is really hard without a coach).

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